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Polaris follows up with Slingshot recall

Filed under: Recalls, Misc.

How To Buy A New Car Without Getting Ripped Off

So you've finally made it to the point where you can treat yourself to a new car. But you're past the point of searching Craigslist for thousand-dollar beaters; it's time to put the big-boy pants on and head to the dealership.

Lexus previews LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo

Filed under: Design/Style, Toys/Games, Lexus, Concept CarsLexus lines up next to showcase its Vision Gran Turismo concept with the LF-LC GT seen here for the first time in this pair of teaser images.

Iceland's Antique Car Club May Just Be The Best Car Club In The World

I'm making a pretty big claim in that headline there. There's so many incredible car clubs in the world, but I think if you factor in all the things stacked against Iceland having any sort of viable vintage car scene at all, what these dedicated kooks in Iceland are doing becomes even more impressive.

​Tesla Making Insanely Fast P85D Even More Insane With Software Update

The Tesla Model S P85D is already capable of doing 0-60 MPH in 3.2 seconds, but now Elon Musk is promising a software update that will drop that down by a tenth of a second.

Tony Stewart buys sprint car racing series

Filed under: MotorsportsAfter breaking his leg in a sprint car race in 2013 and fatally wounding another driver in a race last year, Tony Stewart may not be racing on dirt tracks for a while, but he has just bought out one of America's longest-standing sprint car racing series.Continue reading Tony Stewart buys sprint car racing series

Why Does Toyota Want To Blow Up The Hoover Dam?

I guess if you're building a car that's, let's face it, boring, one way to advertise that car would be to really crank up the batshit. Like, make ads so full of confusing, improbable horseshit that just maybe you can induce some confused, trance-like state in people so they'll go buy your car.

Ford earnings take a dive on investment, slowing sales; workers get $6,900 in profit sharing

Filed under: Earnings/Financials, UAW/Unions, FordFord's numbers may have taken a hit in 2014, but as is so often the case, a spreadsheet can't tell the entire story.Continue reading Ford earnings take a dive


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